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Chicken Franchise


Serving up a chicken franchise

Mm. chicken; delicious and versatile, you can grab it in a sandwich, dip it as a nugget, munch a leg or gnaw on sauce-covered Buffalo wings. Perhaps you prefer your white meat flame-broiled or rotisserie-style? The possibilities for a chicken franchise are unlimited.


If you're debating becoming the proud owner of a chicken franchise, decide if you want a large nationwide brand or something smaller and not as well recognized. Of course, what you pay for is what you get; your financial responsibility depends on a number of factors and not just the brand name you choose. How large or small a franchise do you want? Can you own and run a full-service chicken restaurant? Or are you better suited to a simple hot wings take-out joint? The finances differ drastically from one choice to the next.

The more expensive option is to invest $1.1 million to $1.7 million in the leader of fried chicken fast food, KFC. On the other hand, Chester 's, a quick service chicken franchise, requires a comparatively meager $60,000 to $400,000 in development costs. The total investment, royalty fee, franchise fee, terms, availability of financing and franchisee qualifications all depend on your franchisor's policy. The time it takes to have your chicken franchise serving up drumsticks also depends on the individual brand and size of the franchise.

The benefits of opening a chicken franchise:

  • The franchisee can choose whether to franchise a fast food chicken franchise or a sit down, serviced restaurant
  • It's a versatile food product. Chicken will never go out of style
  • Without all the cholesterol and fat, it's healthier than red meat. If prepared grilled, roasted or baked, chicken becomes the healthy and preferred choice
  • Owning and operating a smaller niche franchise makes it easier to find a local customer base that will reject the major chicken franchises in favor of yours

Other points to take into account when considering chicken:

  • A large amount of equipment must be purchased and maintained such as deep fryers, freezers, roasters, etc.
  • The chicken franchise industry can suffer with every news scare that publicizes meat risks and hazards
  • More and more fast food restaurants are adding chicken products to their menu in an attempt to 'lighten up' their choices, which might detract from some chicken franchises