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Best home based business franchise


When searching for a franchise, it's only a matter of time before you come across a number of companies clamoring for your attention, each claiming to be the 'best home based business franchise' available.

The ads are familiar: Want to work from home? Be your own boss? Set your own hours! Home based business franchises are mobile franchises. They are run from your home or truck, and offer individuals the right to use a company's title and trademark and to market and sell their products. The franchisee receives the training and the equipment, but there is no store and rarely any staff to maintain.


The best home based business franchise usually sells products or services that require some skill to execute. For example, the HYGIENITECH mattress cleaning system trains its franchisees to travel around their assigned area and sanitize mattresses in private homes using HYGIENITECH equipment. Alternatively you may be selling a particular product; Tastycake offers selling routes where the franchisee travels to market, sell and promote Tastycake products.

Sometimes franchisors offer a product and a service. A Budget Blinds franchise provides customer service to people in their homes and then delivers them with a product. The franchisee measures for custom-made window blinds in the customers' homes and then orders the blinds directly from the franchisor's company warehouse.

A number of industries offer home based business franchises, from computer and home inspection to tutoring and child care. The popularity of the Internet has led to a booming e-commerce market, where people sell products and services via the Web.

The best home based business franchise sets ups advantages that enable the franchisee to be in business 'for his or her self.' These franchises promise more independence and flexibility than with a traditional franchise as there is no store and/or staff. It costs less to start up a home based business franchise and you usually do not pay royalties.

On the other hand, sometimes the franchisor will simply sell you the equipment, offer basic training and then leave you alone. There is rarely ongoing support. Sometimes the franchisor will not even provide a setup plan, training or marketing. In this case, it is up to the franchisee to make something of the business. Due to this laissez-faire attitude, even the best home based business franchise can be risky. Be sure to investigate all your options carefully and make a fully informed decision.