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Yale Forklift Trucks, Industrial Handling


Yale® Forklifts are the product of the Yale Materials Handling Corporation. This is an internationally based company.

The Yale® forklift company was established in 1875 - that's well over a century of experience and this is also undoubtedly a reflection on consumer trust overall brand perception. One of the key factors that have seen this company do so well is the value it has placed on consumer input - the lifts are designed according to the needs of those who use them. Their train of thought is that by listening and forming an understanding of the industry's needs they will be able to best serve the market.



Yale Forklifts, models that are on offer include:

  • The class 1 electric rider lifts
  • The class 2 narrow aisle lifts
  • The class 3 "walk behinds" / "stand-up" lifts
  • The class 4 cushion tire lifts
  • And finally the class 5 pneumatic tire lifts.

You can contact the company at:

P.O. Box 7367
NC 27835-7367

For further information please visit their website - CLICK HERE!