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Toyota Forklifts, Internal Combustion and Electric Forklifts


Toyota forklifts are definitely no strangers to the world of industrial and heavy duty equipment. For Toyota, this is probably one of their company's strongest points. Toyota's forklifts are lucky enough to be backed by a Brand that has proved itself time and time again in the automotive industry, and become a trusted name. Potential forklift owners are therefore guaranteed reliability and performance and can rest easy knowing that their investment extends from experienced hands.


Some of the classes that are offered include:

  • The Internal combustion, cushion tire lift truck - Class 4
  • The Internal combustion, pneumatic tire lift truck - Class 5
  • The Electric motor Rider (sit-down) lift truck - Class 1
  • The Electric motor Walkie lift truck - Class 3
  • Reach Trucks - Class 2

Toyota forklifts obviously have a strong foothold in the industry - if this was not enough Toyota also has managed to acquire the title of "World Leader 2002" with regard to lift trucks - another testimony to the quality and reliability of their products.


Toyota uniqueness comes from where exactly? As previously mentioned a major core competency is quality, and the innovative use of quality circles has helped extend this competency through every production facet.

Toyota separates itself from other companies in the forklift industry through its technological attributes. At the moment all the attention is on its three forms of "regenerative braking" systems. Other top innovations include features that:

  • Optimizes control of a forklift when the acceleration is cut by modifying the rolling speed.
  • Let alternating current motors perform when the battery cells are low.
  • Switch the vehicle off when it remains inactive for period of time.

Another feature which attracts buyers is the company's "System of Active Stability." What is this you may ask? This feature keeps an eye on a lift's operations and helps reduce the chance of any mishaps occurring.

For more information please contact them at:

Toyota Material Handling U.S.A. , Inc.
1 Park Plaza
P.O. Box 17419
Irvine , CA 92623-7419

Or to visit their website please click HERE.