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Nissan Forklifts: Truck Behind the Brand


Nissan forklifts are strong contenders in the heavy industry vehicle sector. With over forty years of experience and a solid reputation Nissan forklifts provide value and a key sense of reliability that have earned them such a wide client base.

The Nissan company has been continuously focused on quality and believes that it is the human engineering component that makes their products stand out.



Nissan Forklift types that are currently available include:

Internal Combustion Engine - Cushion Tire Truck and Pneumatic Tire Truck

Electric Motor - Rider, pallet and "walk behind" trucks

Narrow Aisle - Reach truck

For more information please do contact Nissan Forklifts at:

240 N. Prospect Street
Marengo, IL 60152 USAN

Or alternatively you can visit their website by simply clicking HERE.