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Forklift Rental - Hiring Advice and Rental Groups


Forklift rental is often a viable option considering that purchasing one could set you back as much as $20,000. Price however will increase with capacity, with a 20,000+ capacity lift stretching your wallet to the $100,000 mark. If that is not enough, one also has to consider that on top of this there will also be repair and maintenance costs. Forklift rental suddenly sounding more appealing?

This section outlines the benefits of renting forklifts and the options that are available to those considering it.


One of the most attractive features of renting a forklift is the flexibility it offers. The vehicle is paid for over a length of time, and at the end all obligations are nullified. On top of this no investment of long-term capital is required, you do not lose out on depreciation, and when confronted with change you can very easily alter your equipment to accommodate these changes.

Only two things need to be considered. Firstly renting a vehicle for under two years will usually workout to be more expensive than if you took an agreement out for a longer extended period.

Forklift Rental Practices To Live By

Some people are not fortunate enough to be completely sure as to how long they need to rent the forklifts for. For people who find themselves caught in this predicament it is recommended that they consider a rental purchase option. This way if you opt to purchase the equipment within a set time, a fraction of the leasing rate is taken as a deposit. To qualify for this you need to negotiate the terms at the onset of the agreement. Leasing contracts that are in excess of a year usually come with a discount - enquire at your local dealer for other possible "extras" that are offered to long-term agreements. Choosing the right Brand of vehicle is a must if you want reliability and efficiency. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What kind of reputation does the Brand have?
  • How long has the company been established?
  • Can the Forklift Brand meet your expectations and specifications?
  • Do they carry the attachments you need?
  • Do their dealers offer a periodic maintenance service?

Forklift rental yards are obliged to be informed of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) training requirements. It is also their responsibility to communicate this information to the potential customer. This is important because a hire company could find themselves in serious hot water if the client has an accident or receives a penalty from the OSHA while operating hired equipment. Granted that the client would need to prove that that they had no idea of OSHA training requirements. It is recommended that companies get legal assistance when putting together contacts in an attempt to safeguard them from such situations.