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Offline foreclosure help : recommended reading

There are dozens of self-help books around which promise to help you avoid or make money from foreclosures. Each author has their own opinions about the best techniques for keeping your home or making big money from foreclosures. To help you sort the wheat from the chaff, here are some of the best titles.


"The Homeowner's Guide to Foreclosure: How to Protect Your Home and Your Rights"
by James I Wiedemer

An informed guide for homeowners, dealing with the steps you can take to avoid and stop foreclosure. A useful self-help guide for people facing foreclosure.

"How To Buy Foreclosed Real Estate"
by Theodore J Dallow

One of the more ethical and honest investment guides, focusing on REO's and other low risk foreclosure investment opportunities. The information is detailed and thorough, though some readers find the layout slightly confusing.

"Making Big Money Investing in Foreclosures : Without Cash or Credit"
by Peter Conti & David Finkel

This guide is a popular option for people who want to make large returns from real estate investment. However, some readers feel it is a little short on practical information and not everyone appreciates the focus on pre-foreclosure and coaching courses.

"The Pre-Foreclosure Property Investor's Kit"
by Thomas Lucier

A thorough and intelligently laid-out guide to buying pre-foreclosures. The text is strong on practical techniques to help you make money and includes lots of websites where readers can find more information.

"Gold mining in Foreclosure Properties"
by George Achenbach "

As the title suggests, this book falls into the 'get rich quick' category, but some investors find it useful as a starting point for foreclosure investing. The author is a successful real estate investor and land developer and brings lots of personal experience to the subject.

"Buying Real Estate Foreclosures"
by Melissa S. Kollen-Rice

Readers rate this book highly for its no nonsense approach and readable writing style. Material is well laid out and the chapters are concise and thorough. Recommended for first-time investors.

"How to Pick Up Foreclosures: A Step-By-Step Guide for Getting Super Discounted Property Before the Auction"
by Wade B. Cook

A short ideas-led book for would-be investors. The text focuses on sales strategies rather than hard facts, but the author is an experienced real estate dealer and lots of readers find it insightful.