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Home Remedy Drug Testing

Drug Testing

Home remedy for passing a drug test - facts vs. fiction

It was in 1986 that the search began - Reagan had just installed his federal Drug-Free Workplace program and those in danger of flunking started looking for the ubiquitous home remedy for passing a drug test. They searched high and low, leaving no stone unturned.

And so the experiments, and the myths, piled up.


People were convinced an answer was out there; that there was some way to mask the drugs in their system, to 'clear out' the telltale residue. Panicked employees drank copious amounts of juice - orange, cranberry, even pickle - crossing their fingers that the citric acid would help when they were peeing in a cup.

Someone investigated the idea that fat cells secrete THC, the chemical compound found in pot. So exercise became an option - burn off the fat cells and the THC would evaporate, right? Well, the waste products from burning fat went into the bloodstream, and then into your urine. Still doomed.

The rumor began that vinegar would clear residue from any stimulants in your system. It sounded feasible - vinegar acidified the urine, excreting amphetamines faster. So people drank vinegar, a surely terrible experience (discounting the fact it caused diarrhea.) Then it was on to coffee, baking soda and aspirin.

Some people resigned to the fact that they could not clear their body of drugs. So why not alter the urine sample? They raided under the kitchen sink for chemicals to mix into their pee. Before the test, they would put bleach, ammonia or Drano on their fingers, then swirl them in the sample. Or they would smuggle in the urine of someone 'clean.'

A little disgusting, but people were desperate.

Herbal supplements became popular, so people chewed huge amounts of golden seal. According to rumor, the plant managed to mask results for a while but the tests soon overcame nature. People resorted to drinking large amounts of water, hoping to dilute their urine to the point of water. Not only was their pee clear, but also waving a large flag that something was up.

Now, as drug detection methods increase in scope and technology, it's getting harder and harder to 'cheat' a drug test. But that doesn't mean people have stopped trying - a simple search on the Internet yields thousands of hits for companies and sites devoted solely to the purpose of passing a drug test. There are drinks, pills, shampoos, sprays, books and home detection kits all designed to help you pass.

Meanwhile, there's still only one foolproof 'home remedy' - don't do drugs.

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