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Home Drug Testing

Home Drug Test

What is a home drug test?

A home drug test is a small, portable test that can be readily purchased and easily used at home to test a human body for drug use. They are available over the Internet, at your local pharmacy, and sometimes even through your family physician.


A home drug test is useful for parents who want, or need, to monitor their children's activities. If they suspect a child of doing drugs a home drug test can put both the parent's (and child's) mind at ease. This is particularly so in a case where a child is a past offender and the parents want to regulate his or her actions and prevent any future trouble.

A home drug test might also be the answer for people who want to be sure that they will clear any mandatory or random drug testing at school or work. No matter if the individual is a chronic abuser, a recreational user, or has simply been exposed to drugs in a passive manner, a home drug test can help clear up any misgivings about passing or failing.

These tests rely on urine and saliva as mediums through which they detect drugs, but some companies are starting to investigate 'at home' versions of the hair sample test.

There are two main ways to obtain results using a home drug test. The first is to use a complete, do-it-yourself test, which will include a testing device that will yield results in a matter of minutes. These tests are similar to home pregnancy tests. However, some hold the view that these results are often 'false positives' and 'false negatives,' and thus unreliable.

The second way is to collect the sample yourself and then send it out to a laboratory for data analysis. This method is usually a bit more dependable, although it can be pricy and results may not be available for up to three to seven days.

Although some tests may market themselves as 'discretionary,' and able to be used on other people without their knowledge, it is recommended that no one try to test another person without his or her knowledge. Mistakes can have very severe consequences.

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