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Drug Test Kit

Drug Testing

The hi-tech drug test kit

Besides the common blood, urine or saliva drug tests, which are used commercially, there are a number of highly technological versions of drug test kit that are used by professionals to detect the presence of drugs. These drug test kits are used in airports, prisons, and high-security areas of the federal government. Able to detect the presence of illegal substances in minutes, some of them appear to be straight from a science fiction novel.


One type of professional test is the AccuPRESS Surface Drug Testing Kit - this technology allows a security firm to 'dust' almost any surface, be it clothing, desk top, telephone or waste basket, for the presence of drugs. The results take 5-7 minutes to develop, and the kit can detect even the tiniest amount of substance.

Drug enforcement agents use the drug test kit to determine whether or not facilities have been exposed to drugs. Surface drug testing kits work by providing a rubber swab to run over the surface of choice, and then a chemical-filled vial in which to place the contaminated swab. Color changes determine the type of drug present.

Another type is the pupil scan. According to Tech Beat, the publication of the National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center , pupil scans were originally used to detect fatigue among truck drivers, but have since been implemented to detect drug use in individuals. There are two methods:

  • The hand-held pupil scan - fits over the eye, and takes 2-3 minutes per test subject. Works by flashing light five times into the eye, and measuring the eye's involuntary reaction to the stimulus.
  • The desktop pupil scan - larger than the hand-held version, it requires the test subject to stare into a machine for 30 seconds. The machine scans the eye for any irregularities that could reflect drug use, and then compares the results to a drug-free baseline measurement.

Walk-through trace and portable detection scans are used in prisons and airports to search the air around the test subject. These machines are used to detect any particles or fumes from illegal substances that may be lingering in the hair or clothing of the test subject, says Tech Beat . These walk-though machines contain ion scanners that scan the air for both drugs and suspicious materials such as flammable and explosive substances.

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