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Drug Testing Advice

Drug Testing

Drug testing advice FAQ

Q: How do they test for drugs and alcohol?

A: There are six methods of testing for drugs and alcohol - a breath alcohol test, a blood test, a hair analysis, an oral fluids test, a sweat patch test and urinalysis. A breath alcohol test determines your BAC but not drugs. Blood, hair, saliva, perspiration and urine will detect any drugs you have used or been exposed to.


Q: What drugs can they test for ?

A: The National Institute of Drug Abuse has approved five classifications of drug for routine testing: amphetamines, marijuana, cocaine, opiates and PCP. However, it is possible to test for alcohol, barbiturates, depressants, ecstasy, methadone, inhalants, acid, nicotine and mushrooms, among others.

Q: Is drug testing information reliable?

A: Generally reliable, drug test results have been known to come back as 'false positives' and 'false negatives.' This can be due to contamination, accidental ingestion or exposure, or a food or medicine that mimics drug chemicals, i.e. poppy seeds.

Q: Who are schools allowed to test?

A: The landmark court case Pottawatomie County vs. Earls guarantees any middle and/or high school the right to test any student participating in a competitive extracurricular activity, including student athletes as well as those in after-school clubs and organizations.

Q: Are drug testing results confidential?

A: Your drug test results are completely confidential, both at work and in school, and any infringement on the part of your employer or organization can result in legal action.

Q: What if I fail my work drug test?

A: Unless you are caught in possession of illegal substances, you will probably not face arrest. Depending on your employer's policy, you may be dismissed, subjected to in-house counseling, or referred to a secondary source for rehabilitation.

Q: Is there a home remedy for passing a drug test?

A: Many have tried, and many have failed, in the pursuit of a home remedy to pass a drug test. Regardless of the variety of available products that promise to 'cleanse' you of substances, the only foolproof method is to stay away from drugs.

Q: What is niacin and how does it work?

A: Niacin, or Vitamin B3, helps the body function properly, especially the skin, brain activity, and digestion. It was rumored that large quantities of niacin would flush the body of THC. But a niacin overdose can lead to severe skin and liver complications.

Q: What is a home drug test?

A: A home drug test is a portable testing device that one can purchase online or via their physician or pharmacy. Similar to a pregnancy test, home drug tests will detect the presence of drugs in a number of bodily fluids.

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