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The best website marketing strategies

The very best website marketing strategies are those that stick to the tried and tested principles that have made money in the past. Your online marketing capabilities should drive traffic to your site, increase brand awareness and enhance sales. The top ten website marketing strategies are explained below, follow them for online success.


  1. Make your site easy to use and navigate. Sites that download quickly are appreciated by users and search engines alike, while making content simple to find keeps users coming back for more.
  2. Make your site easy to find by using good search optimization techniques. It can be a time consuming business but when done properly can guarantee you high natural rankings in the search engine result pages (SERPs).
  3. Put your URL on all company literature. Every communication you send out, every letterhead, piece of packaging and memo should have your URL on it. Make your web address visible and you'll drive traffic to your site.
  4. Update your content periodically to keep your users interested. Provide customers with a reason to come back to your site - and an opportunity to make a purchase.
  5. Make sure valuable content is easy to find. If users search for a keyword you want them to be able to find that specific information easily and encourage them to browse the rest of your site at the same time.
  6. Use mail effectively by establishing an opt-in email list, e-zine or free online newsletter to keep customers up to date on product information, special offers and deals, or competitions and giveaways running from your site.
  7. Set up affiliate programs and allow other sites to sell your products. If you dominate your business niche with your name, brand awareness increases dramatically and you drive considerable traffic to your site.
  8. Design your site to sell. Make it easy for visitors to find and buy products or you'll lose sales at the very last hurdle.
  9. Set up a members' only section with extra information, specific content and more advanced searches made available only to those who register. Use the information you collect for further email marketing campaigns.
  10. Make sure there are no dead links on your site. A link that goes nowhere reflects badly on your brand and is a sure-fire way to drive visitors away from your site.

In order to succeed in online marketing you must track the success of your website marketing strategies. Analyze your results and see what techniques are working for you. Adjust your campaign appropriately, set goals for the future, and you'll strengthen both your Web presence and your business.