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Using an Internet marketing company

The decision to use an Internet marketing company often boils down to the fact that few companies have either the skilled staff or the time to invest in their own search engine optimization (SEO). However, as the algorithms used by major search engines to rank sites are constantly changing, in the long run learning good SEO techniques and performing them in house would be more cost effective. Both possibilities have their pros and cons however, and you need to take this into account before making a decision


Taking the DIY approach

Taking on search engine optimization yourself means that you'll have complete control over your website and won't have to stump up the high charges of an Internet marketing company. You also have the ability to try new things and great satisfaction when your site starts to make its way up the rankings.

However, search engine optimization is a complex technique, and combines the skills of a traditional marketer with the very specific technical skills of a search engine optimization expert. To learn the skills needed and apply them to the ever-changing face of the Web is a time consuming task that will take from the time you need to run your company. Taking a DIY approach also runs the risk of it backfiring if you optimize incorrectly and drop your site's ranking, or get your site banned if you've used techniques that are considered unethical.

Hiring the professionals

Hiring an Internet marketing company to take care of your search engine marketing can be a tempting solution as it frees up your time for running your business and offers you a simple way of achieving your goals. A professional Internet marketing company can develop a complex strategy for Web optimization to improve your presence on the Internet and drive targeted traffic to your site.

However, some Internet marketing companies don't offer the full range of SEO services and those that do charge highly for the service. In addition, no optimization company can guarantee success. The changing nature of search engine criteria mean that the top-ranking sites today may be nowhere to be seen tomorrow.

Additionally, in order to receive a healthy return on your investment you must choose your Internet marketing company carefully. Many companies use unethical techniques that will give you short lived results, collect their check and leave you to pick up the pieces when your site falls off the listings.