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Email Marketing Campaign Tips

Direct Marketing Campaign

Online promotions have revolutionized the direct marketing industry but your email marketing campaign needs to be well thought out and delivered if you are to reap any rewards from it. Follow the tips below for a successful campaign.

Increase your registrations

Encourage people to sign up to your opt-in list by offering a newsletter or e-zine that you have to subscribe to, competitions or give aways, free information, or a feedback form. Alternatively, create a members-only site with special content for subscribers only.


Make it past the filters

Build your database from an opt-in list of subscribers and you should have few problems making it past spam filters. You'll also need to avoid using numerous 'click here' lines in your message though, and avoid using the word 'free' in the subject line. Unnecessary coding created by a software program rather than a programmer may trip a message into a spam filter as can varying font sizes or lots of colored fonts.

Consider your subject line

Make your company name part of your subject line so recipients can tell it comes from a company they trust. Make the subject line relevant to the consumer rather than promotional; the message should tell the recipient what your company can do for them.

Be succinct

Once you've got a recipient to open your mail you've got to make them read it. The first two sentences of your mailing have got to sell it; they must be relevant to the reader or they'll immediately hit delete.

Be patient

Most customers buy from a site after three to seven contacts from the company. Don't expect a major response to the first attempt of your email marketing campaign. Extra messages don't cost you any more so be sure to send follow-up messages focusing on information rather than hard-sell marketing techniques. Encourage recipients to go back to your site and get to know you before hitting them for a sale.

Make it urgent

Your mailing should suggest a sense of urgency about responding. Give a special deal to the first hundred to respond or put a deadline on your special offer.

Time your emails

Consider your customers and when and where they will receive your emails. Think about the time and day of your mailing and target the mailing for the best possible response. Track your results and change your subsequent campaign timings accordingly.

Track responses

With an email marketing campaign it's very easy to track responses to your mailings and see which ones are working and which generate the best response. By analyzing this information you can change your next mailing accordingly and optimize your returns.

Build a micro site

Micro sites are inexpensive to set up and easy to change. Your email can direct a customer to the micro site rather than the main company site and can allow them to register, buy a product, update their profile or find a dealer. Information form the micro site goes directly to your database and allows you to track the success of your email marketing campaign within hours. Tracking site usage can also tell you what consumers are looking for and allows you to personalize their next message with a special offer on those products.