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Direct Response

Direct Marketing Campaign

Cross-media direct response campaigns

In the ruthless world of advertising the best possible returns in terms of direct response come from integrated cross-media campaigns. By spreading your marketing spend across a number of media you increase your chance of a good return on investment (ROI) and reinforce your brand image to a wide target audience.


Cross-media campaigns are generally seen as much more effective than traditional single media campaigns as they allow your company, product or service to stay in the minds of your customers at a number of levels. This is particularly important with business customers, as commercial buyers like to stay on top of developments in their field. Consequently they seek information from a number of sources such as business to business magazines, trade shows and websites.

By advertising in all of these formats your consistent presence in their specialized field builds up brand awareness and trust in your product or service. Include a direct response format in your marketing strategy and customers should soon be contacting you.

In commercial circles marketing across several media brings a variety of benefits. Trade magazines are seen as an authority on business issues, offering independent reviews and credible information about products. Associating your brand with this image can be highly successful.

On another level, trade shows allow customers to meet you and see your products in person, allowing you to give your best sales pitch, maintain your profile and garner information about your customers. Having direct response materials on hand at trade shows is very important.

Websites serve a different function again and are seen as providing access to the latest industry information and developments, and are often used as a tool for research. It is estimated that 75 percent of online advertising is now sold as part of cross-media campaigns.

As media channels fragment, the importance of cross-media strategies continues to grow. Traditional media such as radio, TV and print often work better at promoting brand awareness while online marketing fares better at building message association.

Advertising in traditional media only, gives you a less comprehensive campaign, a weaker brand image and loses you the competitive advantage of a cross-media campaign. Businesses need to reach their customers through multiple points of contact and provide direct response options on each one in order to turn that high visibility into hard sales.