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Direct Response Marketing

Direct Marketing Campaign

Novel direct response marketing ideas

Direct response marketing is one of the most popular forms of direct marketing. It allows the customer to respond directly to the advertiser either by mail, email, or phone. But to be successful direct response marketing campaigns should address the unique needs of your (potential) customers and do so in a novel way. Making your advertising stand out from the crowd can be the one thing to boost your brand and get customers calling you with orders. The four ideas below should get your thinking laterally and dreaming up a winning direct marketing campaign.


Send a unique targeted mailing

Think of your customers and what they do in their work place. Office-based workers would be delighted to receive a funky, new mug in the post. Make your company details discreet rather than obvious and your contact details are on your customers' desk every day. Be creative in your thinking: a travel agent could send a phial of sand from the Sahara or a tin of Parisian air. A restaurant could send a bottle of beer and a customized beer mat at closing time on Friday evenings. And if you've got a clever copywriter you could print three quarters of an interesting tale or joke on the mat or the mug and direct your customers to your website to read the conclusion.

Celebrate off beat holidays

Link your direct response marketing campaign to an offbeat holiday for a knock-on effect within your customer's office and at home. If you sell knitwear, send a traditional Faeroe hat to your customers on July 3 rd the date of the Varmakeldustevna Festival in the Faeroe Islands . Watch your customers tell their colleagues and family about the wacky arrival in the post and see your brand name grow. Toy stores could celebrate Pirates Week in the Cayman Islands (starting the third week of October) by delivering eye patches and swords to company officials.

Create good will

Celebrate a random act of kindness day by taking your sales team onto the street to help complete strangers with their shopping, open doors, hail taxis or shield someone from a splash from a puddle. When they thank you hand them a business card printed with the words 'A random act of kindness brought to you by www.xxxx.xxx' and fill in your URL in the space provided. Out of pure curiosity anyone who is a regular web user will check out your site. Before they even get there you have created good will towards your company - even if they don't buy now they'll think of you later.

Get a mascot

Sports teams have them so why not your company? Your mascot may never be as well known as Ronald Mc Donald but a fluffy cow from the local dairy, a cookie monster from the bakery or a skeleton from the local chiropractor will sit on a desk or at home and raise your company profile, keep your company in the minds of your customers and generate sales.