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Direct Marketing Mailing

Direct Marketing Campaign

Writing a direct marketing mailing

The most crucial component of your direct marketing mailing is its contents. And creating a successful direct mailing is far more complex that just writing a sales letter and chucking it in the post. There are some golden rules to follow when writing this type of mailing, use them for a route to success.


Get the name right

Make sure your direct marketing mailing isn't considered junk mailing by addressing it to an individual. Finding the right person to address it to takes a little footwork. Call the company, find out who is in a position to make decisions on purchases and address your mailing to them.

Target your mailing

You know who to address your mailing to, now find out who they are. What does their job entail and how can your product or service make their job easier? Your direct marketing mailing must explain the benefits of using your product or service.

Keep it simple

Make your point in the first few lines. Avoid using any industry jargon in your letter and keep the tone conversational. Use short paragraphs with clear divisions between them and include plenty of white space. Don't make your letter look intimidating or extremely time consuming - always keep it to one page.

Be persuasive

Explain the benefits for the addressee not the features of your product or service. Speak about your product in terms of productivity, time saving ability and cost effectiveness. Give your customer a reason to want to buy, visit your website or call you.

Make an irresistible offer

Make an offer that your contact cannot refuse. Make it clear, relevant and easy to understand. Make it a no risk offer where your contact can get something for nothing - a free tutorial, sample products or reduced rates. Include a guarantee for delivery, pricing, or customer service - it adds credibility to your products and integrity to the offer. Finally, set a deadline by giving contacts a limited time to avail of the special offer.

Make it easy to reply

Your direct marketing mailing goal should be to generate a response not a sale. Your letter should persuade your contact to take some action - call a toll-free number, check out your website or fill in an order form and it's essential that you make it easy for your customers to reply or they simply won't bother.

P.S. it

Research shows that most readers scan to the bottom of a letter quickly. Make sure your postscript spells out the key benefits, offer or service your direct marketing mailing is all about.