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Direct Marketing Campaign

Direct Marketing Campaign

The top five direct marketing campaigns

Sticking with the top five direct marketing campaigns, and doing them well, should see you making a good return on your initial investment, winning customers or donors and creating a loyal following. Here we explain the best campaign ideas and how they work.

Direct Mail


Love it or loathe it, the 'junk mail' so many consumers complain about it the top direct marketing campaign on offer. It really does work. It's cost effective, simple to produce and research shows that a very high proportion of those who responded to direct mailings say they would buy from the same company again. Those personally addressed letters winking from the doormat are tempting consumers to open envelopes they immediately trashed previously - if you plan your campaign well, produce a slick mailing and deliver it to a targeted audience you're on to a winner. For more information on direct mail services see our special section on that subject.


Another workhorse of the direct marketing industry, telemarketing is a more time-consuming form of direct marketing but can bring lucrative returns. Telemarketing can help you win and keep customers if done correctly, but with more and more people blocking cold calls from companies you need to plan a careful direct marketing campaign to get the best out of this method of marketing. See our page on telemarketing services for more information.

Email messaging

Email direct marketing campaigns are becoming increasingly popular as they are a cheap and quick way to target numerous customers. Email marketing exploits a medium used by millions of people and holds huge potential if worked correctly. However, the customers' lack of interest in unsolicited mail means that if you don't do your research and tread carefully on that fine line between marketing and spam you'll see few results. See our section on email marketing campaigns for more information.

SMS messaging

The phenomenal popularity of mobile phones and text messaging, particularly with younger users, means that 'brand in your hand' marketing is really beginning to take off. Although the concept is still in its infancy, it's an ideal medium to reach teenagers and younger audiences. Unsolicited messaging can backfire however, and it's important to personalize the service and allow the customer to choose when and how they get the information. The potential abuse of mobile phone messaging is a serious problem and planning your direct marketing campaign carefully is of the utmost importance.

Pay per click

Pay per click (PPC) advertising is one of the most popular forms of direct e-marketing. Targeted ads are served to customers reading web pages related to your product or service, you pay for a presence on the page and the ads direct traffic to your site. If you pay the highest bid you'll rank number one in the paid-for search listings and begin to generate traffic immediately. It can, however, be costly and you always need to focus on conversion rates rather than the numbers of clicks you receive. Don't fall into the trap of bidding wars, search for more targeted key words and make sure your returns justify the expense of your investment. For more on PPC advertising see our page on website marketing.