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Debt Management Help

Debt Management

Debt management help online

You're in debt and you're not sure what to do about it. It's not easy to admit you need debt management help but perhaps it's the best way out of the problem. This page tells you where to get debt advice and how it may help you.

One of the best and worst places to go looking for debt management help is the Internet. There are some fantastic resources out there with tips on budgeting, counselling, legal rights and choosing a debt management company. However, there are also plenty of commercial enterprises masquerading as providers of free debt management help in order to lure you into their not-so-reputable debt management practices. Be wary of any advice you read on the Internet and make a conscious effort to read the small print on any offers sites make.


For the best resources the following sites offer a wealth of independent, free advice for anyone looking for a debt management solution . My Money (click here) is managed by the federal Financial Literacy & Education Council and offers information on a variety of money related issues such as budgeting, financial planning, scams and wise use of credit.

Another good bet for debt management help is the Federal Citizen Information Center (click here), a government sponsored site that offers advice on everything from personal finance choices, budgeting and rebuilding credit, to credit protection laws and tips for saving money.

You'll find a wealth of information on the Credit Info Center site (click here) covering pretty much everything you'll ever want to know on debt management, debt elimination, settling debts, credit repair, bankruptcy and legal issues.

On the Consumers for Responsible Credit Solutions (click here) site you'll find advice on budgeting and calculating your repayments and interest as well as investigative reports on credit counseling , credit card companies and how they work, and a list of questions to ask when choosing a credit counseling agency.

For business people dealing with debt the Better Business Bureau (BBL; click here) offers advice on all financial subjects as well as independent reports on companies and help in resolving issues if you've been treated unfairly. They also have a network of local branches where you can speak to an advisor.

The American Association of Retired Persons, now known as the AARP, ( click here ) is a national non profit non-partisan membership organization recommended by the federal government. Although they offer advice aimed at the over 50s their 'Money and Work' section deals with many issues and offers good debt management help on areas such as managing your money, payday loans, wise use of credit cards and credit counselling.

The Internet isn't the only place to find independent advice on debt management though. Many credit unions, universities, housing authorities and military bases offer non profit credit counselling services. Ask your bank manager or local consumer protection agency for a referral.

Alternatively you could opt for the professional services of a credit counsellor but be aware that some credit counselling organizations charge high fees and not all of them are legitimate. See our page on choosing a debt management company for more information on how to find a reliable and reputable source of professional debt management help.