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Get Me Out Of Debt!

Debt Management

Bills mounting? Phone ringing with vicious callers? Afraid to answer the doorbell? Can't sleep at night? Beginning to scream, 'Get me out of debt' yet? When you've had some fun, lived the good life and the bills start to catch up, things can seem desperate. Owing a lot of money can mean constant stress and worry, and can ruin you life.

Screaming, however, won't help. But do seize the panic stricken moment and do something about it right now. Not tomorrow or at the weekend, right now. Write down why you need to get out of debt and how you're going to do it. To bring about any change to your fortunes you need to start spending less than you earn. You also need to realize that no one else can do this for you.


There's plenty of advice on this site to help you manage your debt more efficiently but one of the biggest steps to solving your financial problems is understanding how the credit industry works. Creditors make their money by lending you cash when you need it and charging you interest on the repayments. Once you start to fall behind, they begin to worry about ever getting their initial outlay back and the interest wanes in importance.

Admitting you are in trouble is one of the best things you can do. Phone up your creditor and say, 'Get me out of debt' and they will actually help you. After all, they want their money back and will be eager to help you find of way of repaying them. Creditors' greatest worry is those customers who fail to contact them when they fall behind on repayments.

By calling your creditor and explaining the situation they know you are concerned about your financial situation, and they may be willing to give you an extension or reduce your interest payments. Don't agree to any payments you may not be able to honor and don't tell them what they want to hear just to get them off your back.

Once you get a little leeway to work in you can begin to plan a proper debt management program by figuring out where you can cut spending and get debt relief by prioritizing your debts.

Remember, you're not alone. As a nation the United States is struggling with over $744 billion in credit card debt. Realizing you have a problem is the first step to solving it; ignoring it will only make things worse. So go on, jump up and down and scream it out, 'Get me out of debt!'. Then go do something about it. Get active and get on with your life. Change things for the positive and take the future into your own hands. Don't wait for that debt collector to come to you.