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Recycled gifts

A great way of combining unique corporate gift ideas with ‘doing your bit’ for the environment is investing in recycled gifts. Businesses are notorious for producing loads of waste material, getting through endless polystyrene coffee cups and reams of paper. Not exactly eco-friendly. But in today’s world where Global Warming makes the news every other day and the consequences of our actions are becoming more and more apparent, saving the environment has become everybody’s responsibility.


In many work places, gifts for colleagues and clients rarely stretch beyond anything more imaginative than a bottle of wine or a desktop clock. Investing in recycled gifts will not only seem a unique corporate gift idea but you might well find it earns you respect within your workplace as, though some may have sold their soul to the corporate machine, many others like to retain some piece of the caftan-wearing hippy of their youth.

There are a number of companies out there dedicated to providing the business market with unique corporate gift ideas. The Internet brings up many environmentally friendly, ‘green’ companies dedicated to doing just that. Plastic bottles, paper, old electronic goods, clothing and much else can be recycled and manufactured to provide you with a variety of unique corporate gift ideas. Perhaps surprisingly, a large amount of recycled gifts are made from old bicycle parts. In some occasions these are cleverly disguised and the gifts look like something you could realistically give to a respected colleague or client. Twisted candlesticks made from re-fabricated bike parts and little figures made from nuts and bolts are genuinely nice, as are the wine racks. Glass is one of the most commonly recycled materials and vases or tumblers made from recycled glass are ideal if you want a gift you can engrave.

Most general office items such as pens, mouse mats and mugs are available in a recycled alternative. These are great for everyday use and can even be given as regular incentive gifts, but are not client-gift territory. Equally dubious are things like discarded computer mice reborn as photograph holders or a bicycle chain key ring, which really just looks like a piece of bicycle chain. There is a lot of good recycled stuff out there and buying it needs to be encouraged, but ensure what you’re buying is actually a gift someone will want to receive and not bought for the sole reason that its recycled.