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Unique Corporate Gifts

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Choosing unique corporate gifts

Choosing a corporate gift can be a tricky business. You might be fed up of sending flowers, diaries and glass decanters year after year but finding something unusual is not always easy. To help you out, we’ve had a bit of a look around and discovered some rather unique corporate gifts that are bound to amuse, entertain and certainly offer something a little different.

Pets are not normally something associated with the office but recent surveys have discovered they’re a calming influence and observing the natural world around us reduces stress levels considerably. A great and unique corporate gift to help reduce stress is an individual ecosphere. This ‘green’ gift is a totally self-contained ecosystem made up of microorganisms, algae and shrimp floating in seawater. You never have to change the water or add any food, simply watch the cycle of life within this miniature world. For those not afraid of a little nurturing try the sea monkey office pet. The tiny tank and equipment is nothing compared to the sea monkey eggs, growth food and feeding spoon that come with it.


Bonsai trees have always been a popular office gift, though traditionally they are fairly expensive and difficult to keep. The umbrella bonsai has been especially cultivated for those without green fingers and are a great trouble-free way to get into bonsai. A ficus bonsai grows with its trunk like twisted braids, which has lead to the development of a novelty bonsai, perfect for the fanatic golfer. These miniature trees have been cultivated to engulf a golf ball within the braids of the trunk that can now be seen but not removed.

Office toys are commonly given as gifts but if you’re looking for a really unique corporate gift, how about a desktop sandbox. Sit in the office and imagine you’re on the beach as you make sandcastles. If your next vacation is far away this is the perfect way to bring your vacation into the office. Perhaps an emergency martini mouse would be more your thing. A tiny bottle of martini is hidden within a plastic computer mouse and opened only in emergencies. If you want to give a gift to someone you think is reaching boiling point, give them a hand boiler so they can see for themselves their blood pressure rising. These tiny hollow glass sculptures contain liquid that will ‘boil’ with heat from your hand. The higher your blood pressure, the faster and higher the liquid will rise in the glass.