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Retirement Gifts - Corporate Gift ideas

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Retirement Gift

Retirement is one of the most poignant moments in a person’s life. The promise of loads of free time coupled with little stress or pressure is an attractive prospect. As an employer, it’s important however, to mark this occasion with retirement gifts that are suitable and memorable to show their years of hard work have been appreciated.

Pens, watches, pictures and even garden furniture are commonly given as retirement gifts. Whatever you choose to buy, getting it engraved or attaching a plaque is a nice touch. After all, you want the retirement gift to be something memorable and that shows recognition of the years of hard work that retiree has invested. Engraving a gift makes it very personal and ensures it will not be forgotten. Glass and crystal gifts are one of the most popular forms of retirement gift. In practical terms, a vase or decanter is likely to be used frequently and therefore remembered by the retiree. Glass is also eye-catching and beautiful to look at which also makes it a popular gift. Personalized leather goods such as photo albums, bags and organizers imprinted with the persons name make a memorable gift.


A person retiring is suddenly going to find themselves with a lot of spare time on their hands. New hobbies will be taken up and old hobbies revived and embraced. A great idea for a retirement gift is something that takes into account their hobbies and perhaps suggests new ones. Golf is a gentlemanly sport typically undertaken by older generations. A new golf bag, a golf gift bag or even a new set of clubs would be a great retirement gift for a golf fan and keep you in mind when they’re on the driving range. If the retiree has always talked of traveling to exotic locations, why not spur them on with travel vouchers and a travel guidebook?

An experience can be just as memorable as a gift, and giving something that gets the new retiree out and about is a good idea. A day at a spa, tickets to the theatre or a sporting event will be a special gift and suitably mark the end of their working life.

One of the best and easiest things to do when someone retires is give them a big send off. Getting everyone together to share memories, tell stories and celebrate the person leaving will be very memorable. Then perhaps present a ‘this is your life’ style book filled with photographs, anecdotes and good wishes from colleagues.