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4 steps to sending promotional gifts

Investing in promotional gifts is a sensible business move. Spreading the name of your company to as many people as possible is the drive behind this marketing technique. In order for the promotional gifts to work to the best of their potential, there are 4 important steps to follow. Stick to these and you’ll see your promotional gifts working their magic.


  1. Before you purchase any promotional gifts, ensure you have a clear idea of what job you want the gifts to do. You might be promoting a specific forthcoming event such as a trade show or exhibition. Or, you might want to boost client loyalty and increase employee performance. Whatever your objective, ensure it remains in focus as you purchase your promotional gifts.
  2. Having decided on the purpose of your promotional gifts, you then need to think about how you’re going to distribute the gifts in order to most successfully meet that purpose. Distributing promotional gifts randomly will be a less successful than targeting a specific audience.
  3. Before you decide what gift you’re going to distribute, design the logo you want to include. The shape, size and color of the logo need to make it is eye catching and easily recognizable. You might also decide to include an accompanying slogan which again needs to be catchy and which will quickly be associated with your company.
  4. When it comes to choosing the promotional gifts themselves, take some time and think carefully about what your company represents. If for example, you’re a travel company, it would be appropriate for your promotional gifts to be accessories such as a travel clock or mini guidebook. Although you want your gifts to be different enough to grab people’s attention, take care not to fall prey to anything too ‘unique’. The most successful promotional gifts are those that will stand the test of time and be a reminder of your company long time the promotion itself.
When buying promotional gifts, think carefully about what you are trying to achieve. A well-planned promotional campaign can do wonders for a company, and even if it only brings you to mind in one in ten cases then it has been a success.