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Promotional Corporate Gifts

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Why send promotional corporate gifts

Sending out promotional corporate gifts allows you to leave a lasting impression on a large number of people. When it comes to deciding on what promotional corporate gifts to purchase, you need to consider what image you want to promote and what gift would sum this up. For example, if you’re promoting a band, you don’t want to give away promotional pens; similarly, if you’re promoting a professional service, headbands and caps won’t go down well. Take care to ensure the gifts are of good quality in order to show the professionalism of your company. A gift that quickly breaks and falls apart will not create the desired impression.

If you want to invest in some promotional corporate gifts, a good place to start is on the Internet. There you’ll find loads of information about personalizing your products and about companies that do it for you. Most companies will employ a designer to help you choose a suitable logo that reflects the business you’re promoting. If you’re a bit of a technophobe, fear not, your local phone book will also include many companies who do the same job.


Sending promotional corporate gifts is a powerful marketing technique. People like being given gifts and knowing their business is appreciated. It also helps ensure customer loyalty. A verbal ‘thank you’ is always nice but won’t be remembered for long; a promotional corporate gift will say ‘thank you’ to your client for a lot longer. The business market is a competitive one and staying at the forefront of your customers’ minds is of paramount importance. It’s much easier to retain existing customers than recruit new ones.

Brand recognition is a powerful force. More often than not, its subconscious- you’ll probably be surprised how many mugs in your cupboard or pens in the pot sport the logo of one company or another. When it comes to choosing one brand over another, the one that looks even vaguely familiar will invariably win out.

Giving any sort of gift to a client will build bridges and strengthen business relationships. Giving promotional corporate gifts will not only show your appreciation, but also act as a subtle marketing tool. They can also be given as gifts to present employees as a small sign of recognition of their hard work.