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Personalized corporate gifts are really something special. Everyone likes receiving a box of chocolates or a bunch of flowers but once the box is empty and the flowers wilted, there’s little left but a nice gesture. Receiving a gift that you know has been chosen especially for you and engraved with your name, a message or a company logo makes it really memorable.

A great way to make your employees feel part of a team is to present them with t-shirts or caps carrying your company logo. This will either be in the form of a badge sewn on or alternatively, the logo embroidered directly onto the material.


The traditional method of personalizing hard materials is with diamond point engraving. Popular choices of gift such as brass plaques and business card holders would be engraved by controlled cutting using a diamond point. Although excellent for use on flat, hard surfaces, diamond point cannot be used on anything soft or curved.

Decorating curved glass, leatherwear and other material is done through the use of high intensity lasers shot through a crystal, giving a fine and precise engraving on your chosen gift. Popular corporate gifts nowadays include leather bound diaries and wallets, and glassware such as a decanter and accompanying tumblers; the advancements in laser technology mean it is now possible to personalize these gifts too.

The cost of personalizing a gift varies depending on the method you choose and the size and intensity of the engraving. Some companies offer an engraving service completely free with no minimum order required; others will personalize the gifts at no extra cost as long as you meet their minimum order requirement.

The size and amount of text you can have engraved on your gift depends on the size of the gift and the amount you want to say. You don’t want to ruin the aesthetics of the gift or make the engraving so prominent that the gift won’t be used.

Engraving a gift can make it a creative and individual present, which will be remembered and treasured for a long time. However, its possible to give an enjoyable personalized gift that, though not likely to last long, will still be memorable. Giant cookies with the company logo painted on the top, cheesecakes decorated with a special message, and what about miniature bottles of wine, spirits and even Champagne carrying a personalized bottle label.