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Corporate Holiday Gifts

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Popular corporate holiday gifts

What better time of year to reward your employees than holiday season? Its the perfect time to say ‘thanks’ for a good year and give your employees something to enjoy during their well earned break. Corporate holiday gifts are always well received at times when spirits are high, however, buying corporate holiday gifts is often not quite so much fun. Holiday time can be fraught with decisions of what corporate holiday gifts to give to clients and colleagues. To help you out, we’ve done a little research into popular corporate holiday gifts and come up with the following suggestions.

One of the most popular type of corporate holiday gift is a hamper. A good bottle of plonk surrounded with some seasonal gourmet foods always goes down a treat. It gives your employees something to take home and share with friends and family whilst no doubt toasting your good health. The cost of holiday gift hampers varies extremely depending on what you want to include. A bottle of Champagne and a tin of caviar would not be turned down by most but might be a bit out of your budget. For something less expensive bring together some novelty edibles such as chocolate Santas and reindeer shaped cookies.


Equally popular corporate holiday gifts are ‘comfort’ gifts. Marking the end of a year, its likely your employees will be feeling tired and in need of a break. What better way to relax than a day at a spa or a massage? Knowing they have their boss to thank for their unwinding will make the gift even more enjoyable. Similarly, ‘experiences’ are popular corporate holiday gifts. Admittedly, a bungee jump or flight in a glider is not everybody’s cup of tea, and you’d need to know the recipient well before issuing a gift like this, but offering something a bit different will go down well with some.

As a corporate holiday gift is designed to be used over the holiday, consider the recipient’s hobbies when choosing their gift. If you know your employee is a fan of opera, tickets to a show might be just the thing. If they’re a golf fan, a set of golf balls or even a golf shirt is bound to go down well.

Plaques, trophies and certificates are all popular corporate holiday gifts and engraved with the recipient’s name and company logo, make a very personal gift.