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Hampers have been a staple gift option for many years and there are a wide variety of choices available for those looking for a special way to commemorate an occasion. They’re particularly appropriate as an anniversary gift or as a way of saying thank you to a valued employee or customer. In England the famous food-store Fortnum and Mason have long been famed for the variety and choice displayed in their hampers that are typically filled with fine wine, gourmet delights and a couple of bottles of bubbly. It shouldn’t be too hard to come up with some ideas but to help you along we’ve had a quick peek inside a few classics and come up with some inspirational ideas.

One of the most popular choices is to plump for some kind of cheese and wine combination. Port and Stilton is another winner and you might want to slip a cigar in with it to ensure ultimate satisfaction. Clearly the sky is the limit in terms of expense as a vintage Bordeaux could cost a small fortune but don’t plan on re-mortgaging the chateau just yet; for thirty dollars or so you should be able to come up with something to keep the recipient happy.


In terms of jazzing up the simple cheese and plonk combo why not add in a few extras? A couple of tins of caviar, some fine chocolates and a jar of chutney should add variety. A bottle of champagne, smoked meats, salmon and truffles not everyday foods by most people’s standards and so are always a welcome addition to a hamper.

Hampers can be tailor-made to suit any occasion. If its mid summer and you want to send a special gift, think about a BBQ hamper complete with BBQ sauce and cooking utensils. A café hamper is a great gift for a morning lover and often comes with its own cafétiere and cups.

Sending a hamper is a great idea if you come from an area known for a particular foodstuff. Send a hamper with a Cajun twist if you’re from Louisiana, lobster and crabs from Maine or beer and bratwurst from the upper Midwest. The recipient will get a unique gift with all the flavor of its origin.