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Corporate Golf Gifts

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Corporate Golf Gifts

Securing a business deal and a round of golf go together like cookies and cream, and are just as American. With the fairway now the business lunch venue of yesterday, knowing your golf, and having the right kit is of paramount importance. Securing a multi million pound deal against the backdrop of a rolling green instead of the confines of the office is not unheard of, and has resulted in knowing your golf being a serious career move. What better way then to reward your colleagues and clients than investing in some corporate golf gifts?

There is a wide range of corporate golf gifts available, something to suit every budget. If you want to make a gesture and provide something small and inexpensive, golf balls and tees are a great place to start. During the 500 million rounds of golf played in the US each year, you can guarantee that a high proportion of the balls end up in lakes, trees or are simply never seen again. Similarly, tees are so tiny that once put in the ground, they are easily forgotten. Balls and tees are also easily stamped with your company logo and can be bought and logo-ed in bulk, keeping costs down even further. Still at the cheaper end of the market are golf selection packs, which include a green repairer fork and markers as well as balls and tees. These are normally presented in a golf tin or basket.


If you want to give a corporate golf gift within the mid-price range, consider investing in a pair of golf gloves or a towel. Again these can have your company logo imprinted and also have more of a personal touch. Golf flasks and clocks are also popular.

Having secured a business deal, you might want to thank a valued client, or an employee who has done particularly well. If so, have a look at the top of the range corporate golf gifts. Gifts for direct use on the fairway such as a golf bag or set of clubs can be pricey but may pale considering the potential return from offering the gift. Golf gifts for use off the driving range are equally popular. Crystal pitchers, decanters and ice buckets with a golf ball impression and your company logo will remind clients of both your business and its love of golf; not a bad combination when golf and business go hand in hand.