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Employee or employer, client or colleague, choosing a gift for someone at work is not an easy thing. Subtle rules apply regarding what to buy, how much to spend and how to present it, and causing offence can lead to serious problems. One of the most troublesome areas is choosing a gift suitable for a colleague of the opposite sex. To help you out, we’ve looked into this and come up with a few corporate gift solutions suitable to be given at work.

Ladies love presents and giving a gift to a lady at work will win you brownie points if done correctly. The first thing to ensure is that you only present a gift at a time when it is appropriate to do so; any other occasion may be seen as an inappropriate advance. Flowers are always a good idea, but avoid roses. Full bouquets of mixed flowers are appropriate but roses will send an unintended message. As a rule of thumb, avoid anything used in the bathroom or bedroom, or anything that touches the skin, perfume or underwear is definitely out. Similarly, chocolates are well loved but steer clear of anything that looks romantic. A nice umbrella, a food hamper or something for the office will all be welcome and avoid any embarrassment. If you’re looking for something more unusual, why not buy her tickets to a show or concert of someone you know she likes? Again, take care that the method of presentation does not appear that you are suggesting the tickets are for you and her.


Buying a gift for a male colleague is not so much of a minefield though there are still some things which should be considered. Get to know a bit about the recipient or the gift will seem very impersonal. If they are a golf fan, why not invest in a golf selection basket or a golf bag? A selection of coffee beans, a grinder and some coffee cups are great for someone who finds it hard to wake up in the morning. Give your male colleague the chance to live the dream with a racing car driving experience or a day as a spy.

Giving a gift to any colleague involves certain rules, but when giving to the opposite sex a bit of extra thought is needed.