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What is a corporate gift programme?

The vast majority of corporate gift programmes operate using a point score. They work in conjunction with your company, observing the area you want to improve and establishing a programme that focuses on those areas and which will encourage your employees to improve in those areas. As well as developing a customized programme to suit your particular needs, they advise you on how to track employees progress and how and when to award gifts. Most corporate gift programme schemes allow the employee to choose the gift they want from a selection outlined in a programme catalogue produced especially for your company. Incentives encourage staff to perform well as they feel they are valued.

Corporate gift programmes focus on incentives. Incentives are awards given for something you want to improve upon which could be anything from reaching a financial target or a sales quota to something as simple as staff attendance. The incentive means that the employee knows what they are working towards and what their reward will be. They know in advance what they are working towards and know what their reward will be if they meet their targets.


Many businesses choose a corporate gift programme that is organized into categories by cost and has a corresponding point system. For example, the gifts in category A could be inexpensive gifts that are easily obtainable. The employee could cash in their points regularly in exchange for everyday goods, or allow the point to accumulate and move up through the categories until they collect enough points for an expensive gift.

Thanks to the Internet, there are many corporate gift programmes online which makes the job of sorting out a programme even easier. Once the system is established, the employee can track their progress online and order their gifts directly when the time comes. The employer can also check their progress and will be alerted to send a gift card if an employee reaches his target.

Corporate gift programmes can also incorporate a client loyalty scheme where clients who choose your company over a competitor will be rewarded with a gift. Maintaining client loyalty is much easier than recruiting new clients so it’s a good idea to extend the life of existing clients.