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Corporate Gift Plan - how do they work?

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Frequently Asked Questions : Gift Plan

How does a corporate gift plan work?
The majority of corporate gift plans operate using a points system where points are awarded every month or every quarter. To be successful, a points system needs to run over a substantial period of time, minimum of a year. Employees are kept informed of their score in order to encourage them to keep working towards their reward.


Can I only award points at these set times?
Most corporate gift plans allow you to award points randomly as well as at the specified times. This means that if an employee achieves something important outside of the specified times that you want to reward, such as working at a weekend, they can see the reward immediately.

Why is having a corporate gift plan the best employee award scheme?
In order to be successful, any incentive program must be rewarded with something the employee actually wants. In businesses of yester-year it was not uncommon for company merchandise to be awarded as recognition. The problems with this are two-fold. Employees may have little interest in pens and mouse mats emblazoned with the company logo, and they may already have company equipment and so the award looses its value. The great advantage of a corporate gift plan is that the employee gets to choose their own reward and so ends up with something they really want. An other common scenario was that only the top achievers in a company would get a reward. Unfortunately, this leaves many others feeling less important and therefore reduces morale. With a gift plan, everyone will be awarded a gift sooner or later.

Is a corporate gift plan going to be very expensive?
You are in control of the gift plan; the price of the gifts you include is up to you, but in order for it to be successful, you need to give your employees something to work for. The rewards need to reflect the tasks your employees are being asked to perform. Recruiting an outside company to take control of your gift-giving will free up time for the person who normally undertakes this service.

How do my employees choose their gift?
The company controlling your gift plan will produce a brochure or brand named items you have chosen especially for you company outlining the gifts available with certain point scores. The employee will also be able to look at this online and redeem their points in either of these methods.