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Corporate Gift Companies - Luxury & Gourmet ideas

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2 good corporate gift companies

With so many corporate gift companies out there, deciding where to buy your business gifts could be a lengthy and tiresome process. The internet has seen a massive increase in the number of corporate gift companies and choosing one from the next is not always easy. To make your job a little simpler, we’ve done some research for you. Outlined below are 2 websites offering different types of gift that we think are worth a look.

Worldlux.com are a gift company that offer top of the range luxury goods. They have a number of sections such as smoking goods and writing apparatus, each of which includes a limited addition series. If you’re looking to buy a Mont Blanc pen, an Oris watch or goods made from the finest Italian leather and have a budget to suit, look no further. If you don’t have the financial freedom required to shop at worldlux.com, its still worth keeping an eye on the website as, although they generally cater for a lucrative market, they also have a sales and clearance section where you could pick up a bargain.


Offering fine wines and exquisite food gifts, igourmet.com brings together the best liquors and foods from all over the globe. Cheese is their specialty with over 600 varieties to choose from so if you are looking for something a bit different you’re likely to find it here. The web site is comprehensive, with an easy to use, step by step purchasing process. As igourmet.com have international suppliers, their products can be shipped internationally and still retain their freshness.