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Corporate Food Gifts - Holiday basket ideas

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When the time comes for gift giving and receiving, what to buy, how much to spend and where to shop can be a time consuming business. For something that’s quick and easy but can still be personal and exclusive, look no further than corporate food gifts. There’s nothing more pleasurable than receiving a hamper overflowing with delicious foods and fine wine. What you can include in the corporate food gift is almost unlimited but there are obvious considerations that must be noted in order for the gift to remain safe and edible.

Many people order corporate food gifts online which are then delivered directly to the recipient’s home or workplace. If you are unsure if the recipient will be in, think carefully about what foods you include in the gift. Don’t include things that require refrigeration, stick to non-perishable goods such as jams, candies and biscuits instead. Check with the company shipping the goods that the box will be labeled ‘perishable- keep refrigerated’ to alert and remind the recipient.


All companies send perishable goods with some form of cold source such as an ice pack and will be packed with foam or in a corrugated box to retain the cold. Most also operate an ‘overnight’ delivery service in the attempt to ensure perishable goods arrive in a safe condition. If you receive perishable goods, check they are frozen, partially frozen or refrigerator cool. Don’t eat perishable goods that arrive warm.

When deciding where to have the corporate food gift delivered, again take into account any perishable goods you might have chosen. Don’t deliver perishable food to a workplace unless you know there is a refrigerator available with suitable space. Similarly, don’t send a gift of perishable goods to someone’s home unless you know there will be someone there to receive them and refrigerate them immediately. Though it’s the company’s responsibility to ship the goods on time, it’s your responsibility to ensure someone’s there to receive it.

If you’re sending unusual goods, ask the company to include storage and preparation instructions to ensure the recipient deals with the food correctly.

If sent and received correctly, a corporate food gift can be a wonderful present. Yet incorrect handling and storage of the package might have you being remembered for all the wrong reasons. Check what’s being sent and how to ensure the recipient doesn’t receive any additional ‘surprises’ in the form of food-borne bacteria.