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Executive Corporate Gifts

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Buying executive corporate gifts for clients

Although many would disagree with the age-old adage ‘tis better to give than receive’, it would certainly be advisable for a businessman to take heed of this. Giving an executive corporate gift to a client is an excellent gesture of good will and can secure your business relationship. With a bit of considered planning and forethought, giving executive corporate gifts can be a well-noted gesture of goodwill.

A cheap bottle of bubbly might be well received by most of your employees but when buying a gift for a client, its important to consider your gift in a little more detail. What you buy and at what stage of the proceedings can be essential to securing your relationship.


Its important to choose a gift that reflects the thought you’ve invested and which is appropriate to that individual. Of prime importance is that this doesn’t drift over the dangerous line into the realm of the ‘too personal’, especially important when buying gifts for a female client. As a rule of thumb, steer clear of anything that touches the skin, or is found in a bedroom or bathroom. That way you will avoid any potential misinterpretation of the intention behind your gift. Any inappropriate gift will rapidly sour your business relationship.

It’s a good idea to offer an executive corporate gift that reflects your business, that way your client will be reminded of your company every time he see the gift. If for example, you own a travel company, you could offer the latest travel accessory. Though you want the gift to stick in your clients mind, company logos are better suited to small daily items like pens and mugs, and can seem tacky if placed on larger items. A heavily logo-ed gift will not reflect the personal touch you’re intending.

Once you’ve chosen your gift you’re not yet home dry on the gift-giving front. As important as the gift itself is the timing and manner of its presentation. The most perfect of presents could backfire if given inappropriately. Sticking solely to when the deal has been completed and perhaps additionally if any major holidays fall during the time of the business deal will avoid any suggestion of bribery. As appearance is everything, wrap your gift well and accompany it with a hand-written note. You’ll find these personal touches are well received.