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Top of the range executive gifts

If you really want to make an impression when buying executive gifts, focus your attention on the top of the range selection. To give you an idea of what’s available, we’ve outlined 3 of the most popular top of the range categories.

Writing apparatus makes an excellent executive gift. A surprising amount of luxury writing equipment is historical in its design and influenced by times passed. Visconti, one of the worlds leading manufacturers of high quality pens, recently released ‘Pericles Marbled’ in honor of the man at the head of Athenian civilization. Careful thought has been given to the design of this pen, from the nib to the clip based on Pericles’ own headgear. Similarly steeped in tradition is Aurora’s Venezia designed to celebrate one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. From gondolas to Gothic stone carvings, the influence of Italy’s city of art can clearly be seen on the detailed pen cap. Montblanc have shown themselves to be similarly historically influenced with pens honoring Mozart and Karajan. The quality design and craftsmanship have ensured Montblanc remain a top of the range executive gift.


Smoking a top quality cigar is thought of by some as one of life’s luxuries. If you know the recipient indulges, smoking goods can make excellent executive gifts. As well as the cigars themselves, there is a plethora of smoking accessories which make excellent presents. Aston travel cases ensure cigars travel in as much style as their owner. Supple leather swathes each unit, retaining natural moisture and keeping the cigars perfect. For something racier, a Porsche carbon fiber cigar case is sleek and stylish. Having an elegant lighter is an important accessory and a great executive gift. If you want something really special, S.T.Duponts limited addition ‘Pharaoh’ is a tribute to ancient Egypt. Lighting up whilst reading the engraved hieroglyphics, telling the story of the god Horus and the birth of the sun, combine to create a special moment.

Keeping perfect time is of utmost importance to any businessman and a watch makes an excellent executive gift. Swiss Army have an reputation for creating hardwearing, rugged watches which are stylish enough for the office. They come complete with a calendar, altimeter and temperature gauge enabling you to monitor your surroundings wherever you are. Eberhard watches are a little sleeker but equally robust and stylish. A watch is a great executive gift which will keep the giver in mind at all hours of the day.