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Stuff for the office: Business Gifts

Forget fancy hampers, expensive wines and group activity days, if you want to give straightforward corporate business gifts, stick to things for the office. No one will be offended or insulted, you’re not relying on other companies to wrap, pack and deliver your gifts. It’s a simple and easy solution, and one that’s not going to break the bank.

Any office worker will tell you that the world of work is an untidy one. Pens, pencils, jotter pads, floppy disks all lead to one thing, clutter. A desk-tidy might seem old fashioned in this modern world of unique gifts but the functional use of them can’t be ignored. Desktop clocks are another traditional gift that have stood the test of time and still find themselves in high demand. Picking up a beautiful fountain pen is far more pleasant than a typical biro and the flow of ink will be a reminder of the person who gave it to you. Stationary set


Whilst pen holders and paperweights still have their practical uses, there are loads of less traditional office accessories available which are a little more light-hearted. Leather or silver plates photo frames are a nice addition to any desk and available fairly cheaply. Short bamboo sticks in little glass vases have become common in houses, and are now moving into the office. A bit of greenery helps to soften the hard edges of the business world. In a similar vein are tiny water fountains, which encourage a feeling of tranquility and peace, a gift anyone would be glad of.

Moving still further away from the traditional, are the many novelty office gifts now on the market. Filing cabinets are normally associated with heavy documents and boring papers, why not lighten someone’s day by giving them a mini filing cabinet filled with layers of chocolates. Luckily, just like their full size brothers, these more attractive models come with a lock and key. For a longer lasting novelty gift ideal for the networking businessman, consider a mini filing cabinet that holds up to 800 business cards and is fitted with a clock and calendar to keep track of those meetings. Opening letters is ordinarily a pretty monotonous task but a ‘Sword in the Stone’ style letter opener adds a touch of adventure and magic. Feel like Arthur every time you pull Excalibur from its metal ‘stone’ and add a bit of excitement to the day.