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Corporate Christmas Gifts

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Christmas gift ideas

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and jolly your clients and colleagues will be when they receive their corporate Christmas gifts. Christmas is the perfect opportunity to say thanks to all your employees for a year of hard work, or show a particular employee how much the company appreciates the dedication they specifically have shown. It’s also the ideal time to thank a valued client. Whatever the reason for presenting corporate Christmas gifts, chosen and presented well, they can do wonders for morale and keep your company in mind over the festive period. Deciding what to give can be tricky, and the last thing you want as the year is coming to a close is to be worrying about buying gifts. To help you out, we’ve outlined below a few of the corporate Christmas gifts most commonly presented at this time of year.

As the year is nearing its end, a popular and logical gift to give employees and clients is a company calendar. If you want a gift that bears the company logo to ensure you’re remembered, what better than something that will remind them every day for the next year? These are also a great way of thanking everybody in a company without breaking the bank. If you’re going to give a gift such as a calendar, it’s a good idea to get something extra for those whom you especially want to thank, as this mass-distributed gift may seem a little impersonal.


Some of the most popular corporate Christmas gifts are those that allow a little self-indulgence. Wine, chocolates and other gourmet delights will always go down well with employees; it’s nice to give something they can take home and enjoy with family and friends. If you want to say a special thank you or send a gift to a client, consider a Christmas hamper including luxurious foods and perhaps even a bottle of Champagne. Food is a neutral gift, preventing the possibility of your gift offending or creating the wrong impression.

Christmas comes but once a year and the work Christmas party is the pinnacle corporate event of the year. Throwing a Christmas party is a simple but great way of showing employees you appreciate their hard work. Many companies provide this experience as an alternative to giving corporate Christmas gifts. Indeed a well-organized party with good food, party hats, favors and perhaps a disco can be all that’s needed to say thanks and happy holiday to all.