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Business gifts: Wrapping and packing

The golden rule about first impressions applies as much to sending business gifts as anything else. In fact with a potential deal in the balance, ensuring your gift creates an overall good impression is of chief importance. Once you’ve done the hard work of choosing the gift and deciding when to present it, you need to think about the wrapping and packing. Outlined below are a few things about wrapping and packing business gifts that are not to be missed.

In order to make your gift seem personal, the wrapping and accompanying gift card are as important as the gift itself. A handwritten note suggests the gift has been chosen personally, making the recipient feel important. However, if you’re sending a personal gift, there is still no reason why you can’t sneak in a subtle bit of advertising. Logo ribbons and bows are a great way of marketing your company without it being overbearing. When the gift is received not only will it be a delightful present, but will also keep your company in the forefront of the recipient’s mind.


In some countries, certain colors have negative connotations and you need to be aware of this when choosing the color of your wrapping paper. In China for example, the color white is associated with death so you wouldn’t be thanked for wrapping a gift in that color.

One of the most popular business gifts to send is a food hamper or other, individual, edibles. There’s nothing better than receiving a basket overflowing with mouth-watering delicacies but the range of things available these days could leave the recipient wandering how to store or prepare the items they receive. Food gifts are normally ordered from a company who deliver direct to the recipient, but before ordering, ensure the delivery company will label the food package and include storage and preparation instructions.

If you have many gifts to prepare, you might want to think about enlisting the help of a packaging company. The internet is awash with small businesses that will do your wrapping and deliveries for you. Whether you want one gift or 300 wrapped with bows and ribbons or packed more simply, there will be a company out there to do the work for you.