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The world of corporate gifts is a complex and varied place. With so many options to choose between, deciding what to buy can be quite overwhelming. When you first begin looking, you will find yourself swamped with questions and considerations you’ve never thought of before. With so many potential cultural problems to consider, you might think giving corporate gifts is something better left alone, however investing in corporate gifts can be one of the best business moves you ever make.

When choosing corporate gifts a good starting point is with the interests of the recipient. Corporate golf gifts are especially popular in a world where business and golf go hand in hand. Christmas or any other holiday time are always the highlight of the gifts giving year and there are many web-sites dedicated to offering seasonal gifts. Showing you’ve taken the time to think about what you’ve bought will make receipt of the gift even better.


If you’re looking for top of the range, no expense spared executive gifts, we’ve outlined some of the most popular gifts available. Similarly, if you’re after more everyday stuff for the office have a look here for the kind of things that are available.

Giving gifts can be fraught with problems, especially when giving gifts to people from different cultures. Make sure you research international gift giving customs before you risk offending somebody. Similarly, there are rules that apply when giving gifts to clients and to colleagues of the opposite sex. To help you out, we’ve outlined some of the more important rules and given some possibilities of gifts that will not cause offence.

There are various practicalities to consider after you’ve bought the corporate gifts. Effectively wrapping and packaging business gifts creates an excellent first impression. Engraving promotional gifts with the recipient’s name or your company logo is an added touch that will make the gift more personal. When sending corporate food gifts, you need to consider packing and delivery.

A corporate gift plan allows you to pass the responsibility of ordering and distributing your corporate gifts to an independent company. This works especially well with corporate incentive gifts as the plan outlines for employees the points they need to receive specific gifts. It also allows the employee to choose their own gifts meaning they will have something they want and value.