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Content Management Scripts

Content management systems

What is a content management script ?

Strictly speaking, a content management script is a computer script that helps you with content management, whether that means the whole process or just certain aspects of it. However, the term "content management script" is often used to mean all kinds of scripts to do with the web, not just those connected with content management. This is a very basic introduction to the different kinds of scripts.


What are content management scripts for?

Scripts can automate the content management process for you. For example, you might use a script written in Python to build HTML tables for the layout of your web page. Or you might use a Perl script to process the data entered in your website's order forms. Or you might use CGI to take information from a database and turn it into a format suitable for publication on your website.

Python? Perl? What's all this about snakes and jewels?

Python, Perl and CGI are all scripting languages. There are many scripting languages out there; you may already have heard of JavaScript, PHP or CobolScript. Different scripting languages are good for different tasks. Without getting into too much technical detail, you should be aware that scripting languages are not the same as programming languages, so don't use the terms interchangeably.

What else can I do with scripts?

There are plenty of things you can do to enhance your website with scripts. For example, imagine that you've set up a website to advertise the launch of a new product. You can use JavaScript to create a countdown timer on your website. This allows people to see how long it is until the launch, and helps to create a buzz around your product. Or you might use PHP to help you check how well the site is doing with search engines such as Google.

Do I have to write my own content management scripts?

No. Many scripts are used to build content management products. For example, there are several browser-based content managers built using Perl. You can purchase these in the same way that you would purchase any software.

Do I have to learn scripting languages to use content management scripts?

No. It's possible to buy and use a content management product without even knowing which script was used to write it.