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Interwoven systems: FAQ

Content management systems

What is Interwoven?

Interwoven is a company that makes some of the best-known content management products on the market.

What kind of products does Interwoven make?


Interwoven products all relate to enterprise content management - that is, providing content management solutions tailored to businesses. The range of products is large, including solutions specifically tailored to aspects of business such as sales and law. Products also include:

  • enterprise web content management
  • electronic document management (DeskSite and MailSite)
  • content intelligence (the MetaTagger Intelligence Server gives the right content to the right user at the right time).
  • a developer suite (an environment for developing and testing)
  • digital asset management (a central library that holds thousands of different pieces of information)

What prices does Interwoven charge?

Prices vary depending on the complexity of the content management system and the number of features it has. To give an example, the LiveSite plug-in costs around $15,000 per CPU. For the money, you get the ability to control the behavior of dynamic web pages (within certain limits). This "point and click customization" means taking some control away from designers and putting it into the hands of content managers.

Should I use Interwoven?

Interwoven is a very well-known company with a good reputation in the field of content management solutions, but it is by no means the only one. There are plenty of companies providing content management solutions; for example, you have probably already heard of Vignette, RedDot, Zope and Documentum. The CMS Report has praised Interwoven for its user-friendly interface and good active user group facility. However, it has criticized Interwoven's role management and templating. You should consider Interwoven's products, but do this in comparison with products from other companies.

What's wrong with Interwoven?

In criticisms of Interwoven, the word "monolithic" crops up again and again, as critics attack the large scale and inflexibility of Interwoven solutions. There is some truth in this; Interwoven customers tend to be larger businesses seeking an all-in-one solution rather than smaller businesses building their own solutions from various tools. However, these large-scale solutions are good at handling large amounts of data for large companies, and some solutions reduce the limitations associated with a large company. For example, LiveSite allows content managers to customize pages directly, bypassing designers and IT professionals and therefore avoiding the bottlenecks that often happen when several departments of a large company are involved in a project.

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