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Content Management Explained

Content management systems

Content management is a term that you'll be hearing more and more. The humorous definition of an expert is "someone who knows more and more about less and less until he knows everything about nothing". By the same logic, you might argue that the phrase "content management" will one day mean so many things to so many people that it's a term without much meaning.

So what exactly is content management? Essentially, the term covers everything you can do with (or to) information, whether that's producing, processing or presenting it. But we live in the information age, and that definition applies to a lot of modern activities, from printing newspapers to skywriting.


So let's narrow the definition down. The phrase "content management" is, more often than not, used to mean the work that businesses do with information, usually electronically stored information. Of course, content stored manually is still content, but only the most pretentious office equipment store would advertise a filing cabinet as a content management system. If you're talking about content management, you probably mean information handled on a computer system, whether that information is customer orders, press releases or accounts.

Increasingly, content management deals with the information going into and out of your company's website. Our pages on web content management basics and general web site content management will give smaller businesses some useful advice on getting started. However, there are some systems that aim to do all the content management work for you. Our sections on content management system s and tools should help you work out which solutions to invest in.

This site isn't aimed at IT professionals. If you already know how to write a PHP script to dynamically generate HTML pages with a LAMP infrastructure, you're in the wrong place. But if you want to know how to create a good website and use company resources wisely, this site is for you. When you've finished reading it, you won't be an expert - someone who knows everything about nothing - but you will be better informed and well-equipped to make decisions on your own system.