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Continuing Education

Continuing Education

Online Advice for Continuing Education

If you’re interested in continuing education you’ll understand by now that there are a number of options to pursue, and choosing the right path to suit your needs is an important first step. We all know the saying 'a mind is a terrible thing to waste'. And so we do everything in our power to fight it; we start our lives learning the ABC's before progressing through a ladder of grades and curriculum until we arrive at the crossroads of higher education.

More than half of American students aged 13 to 18 feel that accomplishing the 'American dream' requires either a four year or a graduate degree, according to the Job Shadow Coalition/Harris Interactive. People, for a number of reasons, don't achieve this right away; some find it makes more sense to return to school. Those who want to obtain a degree at a later point in life have the opportunity to do so with continuing adult education.


Other people immediately go on to college; over 62 percent, says the National Center on Educational Statistics. But sometimes even a college degree is not enough; that's why continuing education exists for business professionals and those in the legal, medical and social services professions.

Corporate workers participate in continuing professional education programs to broaden their career opportunities from accounting to engineering. There are continuing education programs that provide a steady stream of learning opportunities for everyone from social workers to real estate agents. People in the field of medicine find that continuing medical education opens up the door to nursing, dentistry and pharmacy, just to name a few. There's even free continuing medical education!

Sometimes we need more flexibility with our learning; that's why there are a number of continuing education programs based on online continuing education, where you can learn in-home with the click of a mouse. There are even distance learning courses, which let students participate in accredited programs through video, reading material and workbooks. Learning keeps you healthy and happy; studies prove that continuous learning keeps the elderly mind working and active.

No matter what you do, whether you're a neurosurgeon or a stay-at-home mom, an education can be your greatest friend and ally; continuing education is for everyone.