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Personal Injury Settlement

Personal Injury Settlement

Personal Injury Settlement UK Case Studies

There are many different kinds of personal injury and personal injury settlements will vary wildly. Damages paid out as a result of a case of whiplash arising from a car accident will only be a fraction of an award given out in a serious head injury claim. Judges will take into account an individual's circumstances, any loss of earnings and potential future treatment when awarding money. The following cases might, however, be instructive in demonstrating the kinds of issues and amounts being dealt with.

Miss M was awarded almost 10,000 in compensation after badly injuring her pelvis in a car accident. She was shopping with her daughter and sister on New Years Eve and was hit by a car whilst crossing the road. The driver was speeding and driving without due care and attention and the judge ruled that he had been negligent. In a more serous case a Mr K received 40,000 after another car accident. He was in a stationary car, which was hit from behind and ended up having to be cut from his vehicle by the emergency services. He suffered serious injury and trauma and so the judge awarded him substantial damages.


In November 2002 the Appeal Court in London awarded a nurse 240,000 compensation after developing an allergy to latex. The claimant was forced to give up her career in nursing after experiencing severe asthma, skin problems and anaphylactic attacks after using hospital gloves. Although her hospital trust had given her vinyl gloves any slight contact with latex, even in dust form, triggered her reaction. Although the hospital trust was not negligent nonetheless Alison had developed this reaction as a result of work so was entitled to compensation.

In May 2002 a high-profile case in London saw a promising young sportsman disabled after a collision with a tractor win 4 million. The Claimant broke his spine and suffered severe head injuries after his motorbike hit a tractor in September 1996. He sued the farmer responsible whose insurers admitted 90% of liability for the accident. The severe nature of the injuries suffered and the continuing pain and disabilities obviously mean that his whole life had changed and would never be able to work or live normally again.