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No Win No Fee Solicitors

No Win No Fee Solicitors

Finding No Win No Fee Solicitors

No win no fee solicitors tend to specialise in personal injury cases but the term ‘conditional fee agreement’ is a far more accurate depiction of this arrangement. It is also the correct legal term for this type of funding and is far less misleading. In a ‘no win no fee’ case the solicitor agrees to postpone payment until the case is decided. If they are successful then they will take costs and a success fee from your award. If they are unsuccessful they will not get paid but you will still be liable for your opponent’s legal costs. This is why it is essential to get insurance out when embarking on this type of legal action.


There are several organisations that can put you in touch with 'no win no fee' solicitors and finding one should not be a problem. Your local Citizen’s Advice Bureau or Law Centre will have contact details for solicitors. The Yellow Pages will have a list of local solicitors and you should be able to find one on your local high street. Be careful about employing firms advertising on the Internet; many of them are simply ‘claims managers’ who act as middlemen between you and a solicitor. They take a hefty commission for doing little more than passing on your details.

Personal recommendation is often the best way to find ‘no won no fee’ solicitors so don’t be afraid to ask friends and acquaintances if they have had any experience in this area. Some legal firms are more proactive and have taken to calling on potential clients. In the United States this practice has been termed ‘ambulance chasing’. In Britain the government is currently considering legislation to protect people from such firms after a number of high-profile cases hit the news. It is best to be wary, as unscrupulous lawyers have left their clients with large debts by inflating costs and charging expensive fees. In fact, firms cold-calling householders or touting for business in shopping centres could soon be banned.

Once you’ve found a solicitor they should give you a free assessment where you explain your case and they tell you what they think they can do. If you decide to proceed you will have to sign a ‘conditional fee agreement’ and they will start action. If you are unhappy about any aspect of the case or your solicitor then you should contact the relevant Law Society.