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Miner Compensation

Miner Compensation

Claiming Miner Compensation

Miner compensation awards have been paid out for a variety of reasons and today many are still continuing to claim for personal injury suffered in their years underground. British mines were dangerous places to work and over the years many miners were killed or injured in accidents, and many more went on to develop diseases such as black-lung, chronic bronchitis and vibration white finger. Trade Unions have fought hard to get damages paid to both miners and their families and in recent years a number of high-profile cases have resulted in large payments.

Miner compensation has been paid out in both individual personal injury cases and group actions. As the great majority of mines are now closed most awards today are given to those suffering the legacy of the past. National compensation schemes have been implemented to compensate miners for illness suffered as a result of their work and in recent years over 16 million has been paid out to former miners and their families.


Recently the government imposed a deadline on claims for chest-diseases in an attempt to clear the backlog of cases but it will be difficult to prevent former miners seeking compensation awards in the future. A number of law firms have been accused of bad practice as they have been cold-calling miners and their families and telling them they could win compensation awards if they pay out money to hire legal help. Some of these companies have been very persistent and Trade Unions have complained about this harassment.

If you believe you are eligible for compensation for personal injuries suffered whilst working as a miner then the first place to go for help should be your Trade Union. They will be able to recommend a reputable solicitor and point you in the right direction with regards to government compensation schemes. You shouldn’t have to pay any money out and some of the claims are quite straightforward to process.

The government has also made a number of retrospective payments to widows and families of former miners for illnesses and deaths that occurred decades ago. Families that suffered hardship and loss as a result have been receiving compensation and if you feel you have a worthwhile case then you should seek help.