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Compensation Solicitors

Compensation Solicitors

How to Find Good Compensation Solicitors

Compensation solicitors may be a dime a dozen but finding a good one requires research, and there are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration. The first thing you need to think about is what kind of claim you’re making. There are plenty of cases where you might not need to find a solicitor yourself. If you have had an accident at work you should be able to get help from your trade union. If you’re claiming for damages due to discrimination or harassment then you will want to go to an employment tribunal and may not need a solicitor.


In some instances the police may be involved and the claim might be prosecuted as a criminal case. In this case the Crown Prosecution Service will be appointed and you won’t have to do anything except make a claim to the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority. After a road traffic accident your insurance company might suggest using one of their compensation solicitors and if you’re happy to do this then you won’t need to get one yourself.

However with larger claims of a more complex nature you might want to get independent legal advice and you will need to find a good solicitor. How do you do this?

The first place to get help is from the Law Society, a Citizen’s Advice Bureau or a Local Law Centre. They will have lists of local compensation solicitors who should be able to help you. It’s best to be wary of firms that advertise on the Internet or television, as many of them are little more than ‘claims managers’. They take a hefty commission for hardly doing more than passing on your details to a solicitor so be sure to check them out before handing over any money.

Try instead to get a personal recommendation and talk to several different solicitors; in most cases you should get a free initial consultation where you can chat about what happened and they will decide whether to take your claim or not. Ask about their experience in the area of compensation and past cases they have handled

Legal Aid is hard to get nowadays and if you can’t pay they may agree to take the case on with a conditional fee agreement (commonly known as ‘no win no fee’). This means they get paid only if they win and you might have to give a certain percentage of your award to them. If you’re unhappy with your choice then you should contact the Law Society.