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Car Accident Compensation

Car Accident Compensation

Claiming Car Accident Compensation

Car accident compensation claims are among the most common personal injury cases in the UK, which is unsurprising considering over 300,000 people are injured on Britain's roads every year. These claims range from minor injuries right the way up to claims resulting from serious head injuries and fatal collisions. As most drivers are insured the claims are usually processed through insurance companies who often have experienced panels of lawyers they use to assess the case and pursue damages. There is no obligation to use the lawyers recommended by your insurance company and if it is a complex case that involves large damages it might be better to go to a specialist firm.

Car accident compensation will only be paid if you can prove negligence on the part of the other road user. If you wrap yourself round a lamp-post in your new Porsche you won’t get anything unless you crashed as a result of someone else’s bad driving or the poor state of the road. Likewise if you are driving too fast or badly then someone may well claim against you. This is why taking out insurance is important. In the eyes of the law everyone using the roads owes what is called a ‘duty of care’ to other road users. If you breach this and hurt someone you will be liable under negligence laws for damages. This may be a few thousand pounds for an injury such as whiplash but it can rise into the millions for a serious head injury.


If you have been in a car accident caused by someone else and you have suffered damage then you are entitled to make a claim. Your insurance company should help you decide what to do and if the other party admits liability then you should receive compensation with little hassle. If the other part denies liability then the case may go to court and you could need specialist legal advice. You might also need expert witnesses to give evidence. These could be medical and will support your claim for injuries. You might need the support of an accident reconstruction expert to help you prove the other party’s liability. They will look at skid marks, damage to the cars and other factors to help prove who was responsible for the crash.