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Business Card Templates: Create Cards Online Using Free Templates

Business Card Templates: Create Cards Online Using Free Templates

Using Business Card Templates Online

Free business card templates can be found online as printers, like many other businesses, seek new customers in cyberspace. You can even create your own business card online. You can choose a template that suits your business and add your personal information to create a unique card. The templates allow some freedom and flexibility in that you can change the color and fonts if you wish, but the main advantage is the convenience and low cost.


Navigating Around the Online Template

The first step is to select a background for your card - you can have a plain background, a patterned one or an image. Background images are organized by category to help you choose one that is relevant to your business. For instance a nanny service may want a picture of a happy, smiling baby as the background. Most sites which host free business card templates have fields into which you can enter lines of text such as your company name and address. Select a layout that works best with the background image or pattern and has enough text fields to include all your information. The layout refers to how the text is arranged on the card. You can change the layout on templates and use the text fields as you see fit. You don't have to fill in all the text fields and it is worth considering carefully which information to include and which can be left out. Double-sided business card templates allow you to use both sides of the card increasing the space available to you.

There is a choice of predefined colors such as purple, teal, tan, dark gray etc. It is also possible to change the color of the text to highlight it against the background you have chosen. It is better to choose a contrasting color that stands out so the text is easy to read. You can also change the typeface, font-size and emphasis such as bold and italic. When selecting a typeface, choose one that is easy to read rather than one that looks fancy. The recipient of your card will lose patience trying to make out the text if it is not clear and easy to read. Also do not make the mistake of trying to make the font-size smaller in order to fit more information in. As a guide 10pt should be the minimum font-size but ideally go for at least 12pt on important text.

Free business card templates do have limitations. You may prefer to use your own artwork or company logo to promote your company image. Likewise you may want to design your business cards using the same colors as you use elsewhere in company literature or letterheads. For more information on personalized business cards see our custom business cards section.